LJ Nissen used to be a research scientist, but now he is running a successful online business helping investors to find value.

There is nothing more interesting than academic research. You spend your days investigating a certain topic and shining light on it from different angles. There is a strong feeling of deep satisfaction when you get your results and see them published in scientific journals.

But LJ felt that there was something missing. It wasn’t only the financial side – although that certainly played a role – but a deeper lack of purpose. LJ always felt that research is something that you could do whilst you were young, but you shouldn’t continue forever. That’s why he chose to leave research to focus on my own business.

LJ is the author and proprietor of small-cap-value.com – the most convenient way of getting financial information on small-cap stocks.

Coquilles is his software company where he releases apps and do consulting work. Contact him there if you have a project that you want him to help you with.

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