“My team has gone through three different financial apps in the past two years”

That’s a quote from one of our customers, and we hear that a lot.

Without financial data and ideas for stock picking your investments would turn into a casino.

It would be no better than betting your money on Black Jack.

As a value investor in small-cap stocks, you need to make sure that:

To answer those questions, you need a perfect handle on the financial data upon which you make your investment decisions.

But you are busy and leave the tedious work of actually typing in the financial data into a spreadsheet to another day.

That small omission makes your decisions being less informed than they have to and finally you end up basing your investment decisions more on sentiment than on well-founded analysis.

It’s not that you are desperate, but you need the data to be able to invest your money.

What if you could get what you wanted?

How much easier would it be if analyzing financial reports was without hassle, all the tedious parts were left out and you could go ahead and do what you like the most – make informed investment decisions?


And, while you enjoy that wonderful thought, your financial data tool bent over backwards to serve you?

We ran a small investment agency ourselves and we hated the tools that we had to use to run it.

That is why we created Small-Cap Value.

We created it from the ground up to help you and your team make informed investment decisions.


When you use Small-Cap Value to help you to track and analyze financial data you get the benefit of using a tool that helps you to get the most of your investing.

You will understand:

…in addition to all the features you’ve come to expect.

Screenshot of small-cap-value with descriptive text and arrows


Your title isn’t “Chief Timewasting Officer”.

You have more valuable things to do than to download financial reports and type in each data point into a spreadsheet.

Small-Cap Value can help you take away the hassle and worries about analyzing small-cap stocks.

Try Small-Cap Value today and you will get a 30-day free trial. It will take less than 3 minutes to get up and running and start analyzing the best value stocks out there.

Screenshot of the pricing of Small-Cap Value

The Junior Mining Valuation Handbook

Green book with the title The Junior Mining Valuation Handbook


You are looking at the gold bugs index and see that it is up 160% this year, but you don’t know which individual stocks to buy.

You think that you will miss out on a golden investment opportunity just because you don’t know where to invest.

It may be that the big wave will bring everything with it and raise all the stocks, but chances are that only the best stocks make it.

In the Junior Mining Valuation Handbook we give a detailed description of the things to look for in the Junior Miners in order to find the best investment opportunities.

The book include topics like:

Buy now for only $4.99!

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